US EAST companions-from-TESV-like clan looking for fellow honorable fighters

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  • 12 Jun

I want to make a clan or guild of like free fighters but i'm not exactly the best at leading. I mean, I could, but I'd rather share the leadership with a few people. This would be like a gathering of players from all skill levels, where we would spar and mentor/apprentice each other and gain experience from each other. We could also be a competitive clan and coordinate in battle.

Haven't come up with a name, I was thinking "The Nomads" or something like that, but I'd like to gather a small group of people to agree on a name.

Basically, I'll take new, decent, and veteran players. The only real requirement for joining is having some sense of honor. Meaning no over the top offensive behavior. A little joke here and there is all right. Have a thick skin also.

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Knight 7571 13864