Kill Cam = to See the video of the murderer.

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  • 12 Jun

Greetings, like Conter strike. It would be great to be able to see how we died with the murderer's camera.
Thank you. Best Regards.

54 17
  • 13 Jun

Please make it optional if so, i'm not too keen on kill cams.

31 12
  • 13 Jun

yeah, killcam would be great when optional.

and exact killcam, not shitty like in pubg where ppl aim somewhere and hit you :D

5 4
  • 13 Jun

I'd be alright with a killcam as long as it's optional and off by default.

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  • 1
  • 13 Jun

I’ve thought about this in the past, especially during times when you seemingly die out of nowhere. Ultimately though I don’t think it’s totally necessary but I wouldn’t be against it being an optional setting either. It would sure be a lot easier to catch players hiding in walls and using other exploits if we did have a kill cam though.

47 70
  • 24 Jun

I'd prefer a kill camera. I was just coming here to post up such a suggestion!

I would definitely prefer a kill camera showing my killer over the rolling head right now. I thought it was great fun at first, but between 3rd person death camera and 1st it just really doesn't show anything I wanted to witness.

Definitely get my vote for a kill camera showcasing the buggers that offed me!
(and yes, I agree that optional is ideal)

119 78
  • 24 Jun

Kill camera to bridge the time you need to respawn. I'd definitely use that.

601 471
  • 24 Jun

Would be useful for learning and because combat can be quite buggy and glitchy...

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  • 25 Jun

default spectate friends on death would be good
or spectate murderer

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It would also make it easier to revenge kill all those archers so NOPE. I don't want you to know what rock I'm on sorry guys.