New Taiga. . .

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So we went for a map dominated by the red team to a map dominated by the blue team? Maybe it is not as bad as before but it's far from balanced.

It seems to be, who ever gets to the central point and sets up base wins.

The red team just ends up being camped at their spawn and then what options do they have?
Head down a bottleneck which has a big blue team barricade on the point.

The other option, go though a building with a tiny door, 32 players, probably 10-15 trying to get though that gap?
To make it worse the ammo crate is inside the building, so all the blue engineers have to do is set up a base on the red teams side of that tiny building and they have a easy accessible unlimited supply of ammo, ends with them building things constantly and blocking off that route.

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  • 12 Jun

@bobbydigital said:
It seems to be, who ever gets to the central point and sets up base wins.

Welcome to Frontline.

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Yes I guess that is a "problem" with frontline in general but it is just so easy to hold that position in Taiga.

There's limited options for red team to leave their spawn if the blue team has advanced, it's like Mountain Peak, the red spawn is just loads of little bottlenecks, so the oppressing forces have a easy time.

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  • 12 Jun

Tai... Taiga? Frontline? What are these things you speak of? I know only of 24/7 crossroads mode. You speak nonsense.

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  • 12 Jun

It actually seems worse now

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  • 12 Jun

Version 1 Taiga sucked balls, because it was so tedious for blue team running from spawn for what felt like forever with no action.

Version 2 Taiga feels like King of the Hill, with whoever holds the hill first wins. I don’t have a lot of experience on it yet though, since people vote for Crossroads a lot still.

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  • 13 Jun

instead of fixing the spawnpoints for blue entrances they just added a bridge for blue which makes them reach mid faster than red.

i appreciate the attempt but this is just horseshit.

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The biggest reason why its so hard to capture points and hold is that people don't know how to play the objectives and treat frontline as team deathmatch.

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  • 13 Jun

Just spam firebombs lol

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@Bmufumac said:
Just spam firebombs lol

That's what I see a lot of the time, blue just spam firebombs on he red spawn, not much you can do.

Current map 650 blue tokens and 50 red, the map is badly designed. How can you make so few maps yet cock them up so greatly.

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one simple change that i think would help is if the red teams barricade at the camp was updated to face the proper direction. the blue barricade blocks red teams direct rout into the objective, but the red barricade block basically nothing now that the new gate was added.

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I hate new big door they added.

But ya frontline has absolutely no flow as a main game mode.