Suggestion: How to improve Crossroads

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  • 12 Jun

Cross posted on reddit:

Option 1. Remove the ruins and make the capture point out in the open. Add enough horses for the entire team. Maybe put a stream though center of map like camp to give the objective a bit of meaning. Put the mortar there in the back of a wagon. This makes crossroads a true horse map. It'll be hectic and crazy, needing some brave souls to be on foot to build spikes at the objective while also getting support from cavalry.

Option 2. Keep map as is but make it frontline instead of koth. At least this way the horses are useful in attacking or defending the points beyond ruins.

Option 3. Remove ruins. Remove horses. Remove camp spawns. Have it be a 30v30 infantry charge to an open spot in the center. That'd be sweet seeing repeated infantry charges en masse with no bottlenecks or corridors. Just "COMPANY!!!" and "DODGE THIS YOU BAAAASTARDS!" Over and over.

Option 4. Make it a 2-phased attack and defend. Phase 1, red defends ruins. Map area beyond ruins in red direction is off limits. Horses spawn at blue camp and ruins. Red can charge out to intercept blue, but has to hold ruins. If blue takes ruins, phase 2 starts. Blue spawns at ruins. Previous blue sections off limits. Red spawns at camp. Horses at ruins and red spawn. Red gets a catapult in addition to ballista. Blue must take reds camp.

Option 5. Cannibalize it. Use middle spawns and ruins as an infantry only small koth map. Glue the two camp spawns together and make it a jousting arena.

Option 6. Burn it to the ground and stomp on it furiously

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  • 14 Jun
  1. With how much everyone hates horses this would definitely suck if it was in frontline rotation. Jousting would be a fun alt gamemode though

  2. yay frontline

  3. This is basically a description of the map "Camp"
    Personally I hate the cluster**s that result when the map is really wide open. They result in a lot of team damage and a lot of dying to sheer numbers rather than skill

  4. Attack and defend would be a super interesting gamemode to explore. It should probably be symmetrical for balance reasons.

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  • 14 Jun

Suggestion 1- Have billhooks and toolboxes spawn on the ground every few metres.
Suggestion 2 - See Suggestion 1