Achievement Rewards

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  • 12 Jun
 [BKC] Matt

Achievements on their own are always a bit fun to strive for, however the issue with achievements in most games is that they don't feel rewarding.

Thus I recommend adding some form of reward to earning an achievement (if you've already earned it, you'll get the reward of course).

What comes to mind first is gold and exp to help out new players. Of course this won't help those who are already swimming in gold and levels but, it's a way to help new players ease into the game and let them make their own builds as the start can be a bit of a slog.

My first idea was to have rewards based on difficulty but, no, there isn't exactly a clear difference in difficulty between achievements so instead I propose a fixed reward for each one.

What I think the reward should be for every individual achievement (excluding hidden ones) is the following:

Gold: 500
Experience: 300

Total: 37 achievements (as of right now)
Gold: 18,500
Experience: 11,100

That might look like a lot on paper but, it isn't rich-levels of rewards as most cosmetic things you can buy cost around 1k and more depending on the item.

The exp isn't substantial either, perhaps in the first few levels but it won't exactly get you to 20 or beyond and is mostly just to help you unlock most of the base items, colours and so forth.

And that's if you actually bother about doing achievements, some are easy and you barely even notice you get it but if you want the full reward, you'll have to do every single one of them.

So again, it's just to help people along at the start.

However, more experienced players may feel left out and in that case, I propose some sort of cosmetic reward for every 10 achievements you earn. Whether it's a new colour, banner, piece of armour or weapon skin. Something cosmetic to show that you've earned X amount of achievements and actually have a way to show it to fellow players. Perhaps you get a fancy icon next to your name, or both.

Another cool thing to see in the future would be a way to customise your own horse. An appearance that would be applied once you mount a horse. Perhaps unlocking 20 achievements rewards the ability to customise your own horse, give it different colours, emblems and even barding that you could unlock through progression. Alas that is something else entirety.