Exposing a player along with his server

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This player which is called "Akiyo" has been harassing me by RDM and spamming chat with words like "weeb" and "nigger" the whole game just because I have my Japanese nickname in my profile , even when I have a solid proof of me being an actual Japanese. And the most disgusting part is that he is the admin of this server(name in the screensho) which means he cannot be kicked yet he can ban me. And of course, I was banned eventually, with a reason of "bye nigger". I ask for admin's actions taken on this player (wether temp ban or perma ban) and his actually abusive server for a cleaner community. Thank you very muich

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  • 11 Jun

So mad you made two threads holy fuck japan has fallen

Duchess 6857 9820
  • 11 Jun
 Sir Zombie

This thread is against the rules against witchhunting xd

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  • 12 Jun

You're both literally aids by the looks of it

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  • 12 Jun

lol i played on this server and the owner votekicks anyone who beats him or just tries to interrupt their duels until they get fed up and defend themselves, then he votekicks them

still witchhunting but avoid this server tbh

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  • 13 Jun

Press S to spit on Akiyo