kicked while waiting for steam inventory

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I am constantly kicked from every server i join, it says i have high packet loss then boots me with this msg, "kicked while waiting for steam inventory", ad i have confirmed multiple different ways that i do in fact not have high packet loss

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I have exactly this issue my man. And so do several other people here on the forum and discord. Haven't seen any acknowledgement from the devs yet.

In another thread a dude already tried everything. Reinstalling the game, steam etc. Some have reported that they can play with a different account on the same pc without problems.

Personally I have a 10-30% chance of not getting kicked on battle royale servers, so I type "reconnect" in console when I see the red disconnect message.

Duke 536 878
  • 12 Jun

Yeah it's a growing problem with the inventory that the devs don't seen to acknowledge

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I don't understand what the problem is, because none of my mates have the problem but i see many other posts about it.

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  • 15 Jun

Getting timed out message on connects. Once in a while I get the steam inventory thing. I simply cannot play anymore.