After Crash All Loadouts are Gone

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  • 11 Jun '19

I was playing a game of frontline on Crossroads this morning when suddenly my game crashed. I started Mordhau back up to find that each of my personal loadouts I have put lots of time into creating are now gone. Has anyone else experienced this or do you know any solutions other than remaking them all? I have searched around for similar experiences before coming here with no luck.

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This happens to me often but without the crash. A new patch would come and my load outs would be gone. Fortunately this hasn't happened to me in the last two weeks and new patch works fine for me

Wish I could help

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  • 11 Jun '19

This is only a guess but I imagine your %appdata% for mordhau got corrupted when it crashed. You could maybe copy the folder in future

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  • 12 Jun '19

Loadouts file:

Perhaps a moderator should pin a note about that or the devs implement a backup solution to rewind back to a loadouts snapshot of the previous game session.