Chivalry 2 was just announced on E3

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"Left click to swing, hold for a heavy attack"

Get this garbage out of my face right now

Combat and animations looked kinda clunky, but that could just be because its early in development.

I'll probably get it, but if Mirage is any indication, Chiv 2 won't hold up long.

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  • 10 Jun

"What are its new features?"
64 players in sprawling
Unreal Engine 4
Mounted combat
improvise a new fighting style with pitchforks
EGS exclusivity


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  • 10 Jun

Oh dear...
Flamewars are probably inevitable at this point, I just really fucking hope no lawsuits come from this.

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I thought it still looked very clunky compared to Mordhau, but honestly I hope it will be good. Competition in this genre would be nice. As long as the playerbase isn't too divided.

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  • 10 Jun

It looks like they gave accels a better animation when you parry one (it sorta looks like its accelerating rather than Mordhau's teleporting blade)

Some people think they took out swing manip, but I highly highly doubt that because mouse movement is just a core part of the first person perspective that really cannot be touched unless you want your game to control like shit. Even if there WAS swing manip in the game they wouldn't show it in a trailer that's targeted toward people who have never played a melee game before let alone Mordhau, and dragging looks straight up retarded even if it's skillful. Most videogame trailers have dogshit level play to begin with.

Stabbing animation is improved but that's likely the riposte animation so who knows.

Too early to make any calls on how good combat is, but this gives incentives for Mordhau to get their act together as competition is always good.

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more competition in this genre is always good, the lack of variety is what allowed Torn Banner to just turn Chiv into shit. maybe this will spur more devs to make these kinds of games

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  • 10 Jun

Links are broken (fixed meanwhile)...

EDIT: Something's off with the animations in the trailer. Hope it gets improved although it doesn't say this was Alpha footage or sort of.

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They realized they lost the trust of the community and their capacity to support properly a game. They went with Mirage and you can bet they are still regretting this.

This looks like a tryhard attempt to get back what was and imo will still be lost. It might get a few players but that's about it.

Personally I would have thought they'd take more time to polish and develop the game, seems I was wrong.

EDIT: didn't see they went with EPIC, hahaha makes it even worse. They just seem hungry for money at this point. Won't get a dime from me.

EDIT 2: saw the trailer, seems there are some reused assets : death animation, peasant faces (not too sure about this one), you get the picture. The strikes look slow af. The blood splash on the title... just like Mordhau... Yea.. Quite suspect.

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Oh, now that's just down right sad.

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  • 10 Jun

My nostalgia wishes it to be successful. My experience knows it won't be.

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ill give them this the maps look more atmospheric than mordhau at least.....but trailers and such

WowWOWOWwOWOW hold the fuck up is tripwire seriously publishing this wtf are they doing near this dumpster fire

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  • 10 Jun

Yeah Chivalrys art style, atmosphere and sound design shit all over Mordhaus. Mordhau will probably retain the more high skill ceiling combat though.

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  • 10 Jun

I’m quite certain it will be terrible. I will be getting it.

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epic games exclusive


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Get Rekt SJW's Mordlame

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Chivalry 1's combat was a trash heap.
And we all talk about how shit it was

yet we all played it.

for years
and years
and years

It had a killer gamemode, and incredible atmosphere and drive.

Comparatively, mordhau has a joke of a gamemode, an extremely lackluster and boring atmosphere with no care put into it, and literally no drive to the game at all.

grounded map settings are boring, combined with the fact that you're literally just 2 groups of people fighting for probably no reason, and the fact that these 2 groups are unique in literally no way

on top of the fact that frontline is fucking trash

I don't care how good your gameplay is, if your game is fucking boring.

Chivalry wasn't boring.
Mordhau currently is.

Yes, the combat and animations in the chiv 2 trailer look like a fucking joke.

But everything else?
Everything else looked great.

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  • 10 Jun

hey tim

epic game store LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL dead on arrival