Huntsman perk and javelins?

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  • 10 Jun

I was under the impression that the huntsman perk doubled your damage when shooting or throwing at archers. Given that, as per in-game stats, javelins deal at least 50 damge to torsos, I thought that a javelin hit to an archer should alwys one-shot kill them, sans leg hits. However that does not alwys seem to be the case. Can somebody enlighten me what I am missing? Do javelins indeed always oneshot archers and I was mistaken or is there some other variable I´m not aware about?

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they always one shot for me but just because some one has a bow doesn't always mean there an archer

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  • 10 Jun

I just tested it and it looks like they changed how huntsman calculates damage, for thrown projectiles it seems to be 1.75x the damage listed and for Recurve bows it's 2.3x, but for both Longbow and Crossbow they both seem to now 1-hit kill to a level 3 torso (despite this requiring 3x damage for Longbow and 2.5x for Crossbow).

So for bows:
Recurve 1-hit kills to lvl 1 helm and lvl 0 torso
Longbow 1-hit kills to both lvl 3 helm and torso
Crossbow 1-hit kills to both lvl 3 helm and torso

For thrown weapons:
Knives 1-hit kill to a lvl 1 helm
Axes 1-hit kill to a lvl 2 helm and lvl 0 torso
Javelins 1-hit kill to lvl 3 helm and lvl 1 torso

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  • 10 Jun

Thanks a lot Josh for the detailed tests, that clears up lot.

Shame You can no longer easily oneshot archers, but I guess it´s fair when Huntsman is only one point anyway. Javelins are already pretty strong as is.

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  • 10 Jun

Skirmisher build is legit awesome. My new favorite build.skirm.png

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running 2/3/1 for a royal guard star wars cosplay
gets domed after walking out of spawn by javelin