I want some strategic advice

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  • 10 Jun '19

Let's say I'm wielding a cleaver and have 1/1/1 armor. Let's say I'm fighting a guy in 3/3/3 armor who's consistent at chambering swings and responds to my swings with chambers (into dangerous feint/morph mixups) every time. Let's say he knows that my cleaver's stab only does 7 damage at most (on headshot) to his armor, and let's say he's basically fine with getting hit by stabs since it takes 15 stabs minimum to kill him and he figures he can land 2 hits on me in that time. And let's say he backpedals every time I try to attack him so kicking him isn't really an option.

What can I do to land a slash on him?

(I have a long thread on Reddit where I analyze various options but I'll keep this thread short. I haven't figured out a good answer myself.)

(I guess if this theoretical foe literally lets me stab him then I could just stab him 15-20 times to kill, and if he gave up and tried to parry or chamber, I could morph to slash him. But let's say I don't like that plan because stabbing someone 15-20 times to kill is tedious.)

(Also, if I add a Buckler to my kit then I could beat him via stamina depletion since chambering is expensive, but only if I can deplete his stamina without getting hit by his chamber feint/morph mixups, which seems like poor odds.)

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  • 10 Jun '19
  1. you could change weapon to something that is designed to deal with heavy armor instead of trying to defeat the design of the cleaver which is fundamentally designed as a slash weapon :D
  2. underhand attacks usually catch people off guard if you turn a little bit as you wind them up, effectively "hiding" what you are doing, on top of that, most people are most worried about their head and torso, which is just a natural instinct you can use to your advantage.
  3. bait out enemy swings, then parry, dodge and counter or any mix of the 3

you're basically asking what advantages are possible against a given setup, despite you deliberately gimping yourself with a bad weapon and 1/1/1 (light) armor, which is basically the same as being naked.

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  • 10 Jun '19
  1. Hey man they buffed cleaver this last patch to 3-shot heavy armor even on chest hits, so I'm evaluating it for fun. They also significantly buffed 0/0/0 and 1/1/1 movespeed so I'm trying a very evasive playstyle that tries to make the most of Cleaver's speed advantage (which basically gives it "more initiative"; lets me take initiative in more situations). Also the cleaver's stab sucks vs all armor levels; it just sucks hardest vs 3/3/3.

  2. I don't like this solution cuz it doesn't sound like it would work on someone "good," and I don't like using/practicing strategies that only work because the opponent isn't "good."

  3. Parrying with the cleaver is bad (which ties into my 1/1/1 evasive style) since the drain negation is so low (7), plus.. what does a parry get me, really? I can do a riposte, which isn't likely to hit this theoretical "good" opponent. I can wait and then do a feint or morph, but they can chamber that and at-worst get stabbed.

Admittedly if they're backpedaling and chambering then I can probably just out-space their attack after it starts, relatively easily and then rush back in to attack for a stamina advantage (since they have to CFTP and while we probably both whiffed, my whiff cost is lower with Cleaver). And if they AREN'T backpedaling then maybe I can kick them. This is about as far as my Reddit thread got too. Evade or kick, depending on their footwork, and keep that up consistently enough to deplete their stamina.

I should probably give in and at least add a Buckler so I have a parry game, but the main premise of this build is to try what seemed like underexplored options (very fast weapons and a heavy evasion/movement focus) and get better at the evasion side of the game in general. But if I did add a buckler, then I could probably beat this theoretical opponent by just stamina-warring, letting him eat his own stamina with chambers and trying to manage my spacing (with my movespeed advantage) so I can react to his chamber mixups and parry them. In theory.

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  • 10 Jun '19

If he's chambering all of your attacks, then you stam him out. Otherwise you've got to outplay him just like you'd outplay anyone, except you're at a major disadvantage and will quickly lose a stamina war if you don't drop him fast.

Edit: basically if you can't outplay this guy, you should be moving towards your team as fast as you can without letting him cut your head off