Crossroads [Poll]

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  • 9 Jun '19
Do you like Crossroads?

Curious what other people think given there are so many hate threads popping up. So I thought maybe just direct all your thoughts and feedback into one thread.


I like it.

As I stated in another thread, I think it has everything people -like- about the game. There are people who like archery, mounted, siege weapons, parkour, melee combat, memeing, etc. You can do it all on this map.

Want to go fight another group of cavalry? You can.

Want to avoid mounteds cause they are annoying to fight? You can.

Want to blow someone up with a mortar or a catapult? You can.

Want to play an archer and hop around places to avoid those slower than you? You can.

I could keep making the same arguments time and time again, this map from my view is way more balanced than any of the other maps.

It actually makes Frontline enjoyable, a game mode I personally despise. Though I will say I enjoy the map more in different game modes like TDM or Deathmatch.

Does that make it perfect..? No. Of course not.

There are spots on the map you can get easily stuck on, which is something I've noticed in most Unreal made games. Also why can the mortar just right on the edge of reds fort spawn? If we're going to be allowed to shoot on the edge of reds fort spawn - might as well make the mortar 360 and let it aim anywhere inside.. But obviously that would be a little -too- strong.

Those are really my only two grips with the new maps. Stuck spots, and the mortar being able to fire in reds spawn edge.

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  • 9 Jun '19

map SO shit that people are voting Taiga over crossroads

i repeat


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  • 9 Jun '19

Taiga is actually fun now though.

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  • 9 Jun '19

I logged in super excited to try this map...and my god is it shit! Feels so lazy...just tossed a keep in the center of an open field and called it a day...took the worst part of mord which is the cavalry and put them everywhere, really weird choke point in the center point where it is hard to swing your weapon and turns into a cluster fuck of thrust spam...then the team who get on top just non stop fire bombing the ways up....ive been waiting anxiously for the new map and im shocked how complete shit it is.

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I like the map and the idea of it but it does feel... unfinished?

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  • 9 Jun '19

All rage aside, I honestly think that Crossroads might be one of the worst maps I've played in a game.

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has anyone seen red win crossroads yet?

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  • 9 Jun '19

@ItsJustMilkISwear said:
has anyone seen red win crossroads yet?

I've won with red most of the times of played on it today. It still sucks though.

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It feels like a modded map someone made for chivalry. It's very out of place, the other maps have issues but none feel as gimmicky or unpolished as crossroads.

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  • 9 Jun '19

crossroads is really fun, but also really shit.

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  • 9 Jun '19

Would be good for FFA or TDM but not Frontline. I go deathmatch mode and ignore the point on this map tbh. I voted no and still find it fun.

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  • 9 Jun '19

There are major problems with Crossroads.

It's an objective map. So everything in map design should go to complimenting the "objective".
Horses add 0 value to the objective. They are off playing their own little game of frags.
It's fine to have side fragging... but to resource such a large area for it - takes too much away from the "objective".

The objective in itself - terrible. Never use so many chokepoints that can be abused with engineer blocking spam and fire spam.
And never just one objective. Too one dimensional.

Crossroads feels like a glorified Team Death Match. It's fine in that category. Remove from Frontline.


Add other objectives to the map. Might make it less linear and repetitive.

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  • 9 Jun '19

I like it a lot. It's a fun, "gamey" map and less "realistic" than the other ones, but it has its place (also with how few maps we have, any map is welcome honestly). When you realize that you can cap the central objective from the ground and there's no need to go up the stairs, all the spikes and fire pots in the world won't help the team that only fortifies the top, they'll have to come down and fight

I'd rather choose Crossroads than Mountain Peak, every single time

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It's supposed to be a King of the Hill gamemode, but one where the Hill is the Eyrie from ASOIAF, meaning a handful of people can defend it against any number of enemies, and so the first team that caps it just wins. Would be nice if there were two little forts with both points captureable at the same time.

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  • 9 Jun '19

I may be biased because I don't think the horses in this game are balanced at all and need major rework so I do not like the map at all. I don't think the map is typically tipped in favor of any side. My experience with it so far is that whatever team decides to pony up and spam the horses, loses. Most of the time you have one team playing the object, and the other team running around spearing people on their horses. This makes the wins feel extremely underwhelming. This map should be added to a separate queue for people who hate themselves.

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  • 9 Jun '19

Crossroads plays like a team-deathmatch map. It's supposed to be a king of the hill map but It doesn't even really matter if you hold the objective because the enemy team only loses like 1 ticket / second and if the enemies do more kills they can win anyway. That's the main problem with it. That and unprotected spawns and horses.

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  • 9 Jun '19

I enjoy it, the verticality is interesting and makes mobile classes with the cat perk useful, there's plenty of horses to use for casual cavalry play, and there's only one objective to fight over with no way to end the match early.

A good demolition class with a battle axe, wrecker and 2 firebombs can easily demolish fortifications, or just fighting on the ground can be fun too. Blue forward spawn could maybe use tweaking, and maybe some lances could get added to the horse bases, but overall it provides a nice change of pace from the more standard maps that shipped with the game.

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  • 9 Jun '19

Crossroads makes me question if the devs had just got lucky up until this point and don't actually have a clue what they are doing.

A big open map with a building in the middle, I bet that took a long time to think of.

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  • 9 Jun '19

I like it only because all the action is concentrated in mid without question and horses are almost useless, but I agree with most of you here that this map desperately needs to be expanded. I like to troll around as a shield turtle and get trolled by engineers blocking walkways with barriers/spikes

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  • 10 Jun '19

Seems like blues forward spawn just gets them demolished. Red can either climb up 2 different ways OR go via ground and the stairs direction favours red. Blue has to either suicide up the ladders or push up the ground and they still have to push past red to get the stairs or make a risky climb. Another map that seems red sided overall in my opinion.