Disabling family share has locked me out of playing the game on my main account.

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I bought the game on my alternate account due to family sharing issues on my main and so that my family doesnt have access to a account that has my payment details stored. I am not and have never cheated, disabling family share has locked me out of my main account that I was playing on and now i am forced to start the game from level one on a account i dont want to be playing it on and without the launch compensation i had availuble to me.

Is there no possible way to transfer progress from one account to anyother? I do not want to have to start the grind over again

Knight 614 1111
  • 8 Jun

Well it's your fault you bought it on a different account isn't it?

Familyshare in a game like mordhau should never happen. It was one of the things that made chivarly so bad

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why should it never have happened? the game launched with it, i bought it because of it, not for cheating like everyone is so quick to assume, if should impliment a decent anti cheat that kicks them as they play rather than take a feature away from players they lauched the game with