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Spawn building and votekick dodging

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  • 8 Jun '19

So over the last week this has progressively gotten worse and worse and now it's unbearable, at least on the US West servers.

Trolls have discovered that all you have to do to dodge a votekick (and the commensurate temporary ban) is to leave and rejoin the server. For three straight hours across five different servers tonight, I saw this happen over and over and over again. Usually the person dodging the kick was blocking his team's spawns with spikes or barricades (though it's worth noting; this is pretty stupid to allow the enemy team to do also. Base spawn locations should be no build zones).

Having no legitimate duel system means it's also unplayable on duel servers, since the trolls can just ignore the server rules and run around attacking people who are already dueling with absolutely zero chance of any consequences.

I get that the dev team is small, but this seems like a pretty simple fix and it needs to be addressed immediately. There are SO many ways to remedy this problem- though personally I would prefer if you allowed for reporting players in some way, since I have video and the steam ids of several of the players in question tonight. However the simplest fix would be; if you leave a server while a kick vote is being called against you, it is automatically assumed to have passed and you receive the temporary ban.

Fixes like this are more important by far than overall gameplay and map fixes and should be relatively simple to implement.

Devs, I implore you; PLEASE prioritize dealing with players who are trying to intentionally ruin the game. This isn't simple nonsensical fun, this is legitimate sabotage and it's going to drive players away.

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  • 8 Jun '19

Both spawn building and votekick dodging is fixed in the latest patch, which should be out in a few days.

EDIT: You can report players by submiting the evidence to a moderator here or on the Discord. Since you already have evidence, send me a PM.