Demanded list for star wars mod

Mercenary 225 567
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  • 6 Jun '19


  • Lightsaber collision needs to be flashes of light with diffrent sounds (check out SC38 reimagined vid on youtube you get the idea of sounds)

  • Weapons less dragable than mordhau vanilla weapons (faster)

  • Minimal turncap on lightstaffs/sabers to allow spinning, even reverses, compensating for less drags, high skillceiling

  • Armor should only matter vs projectiles, blasts etc, not melee weapons

  • Lunge adjustments if needed

  • Diffrent force powers as perks, also defensive perks as any armor should be useless against lightsabers

  • Add force bar next to stam and health bars. Force bar should have cooldown coz u would end up with forcefights rather than actual weapons

  • Add all color variations and relevant weapon types for the genre from star wars universe

  • BONUS: COULD add diffrent lightsaber forms, which would be distinguished with diffrent animations from eachother, something that could be worked on over time

Knight 101 371
  • 6 Jun '19

Based and very redpilled
@crushed take notes please

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  • 6 Jun '19
  • Lute must be changed to one of those weird flute things that the alien band uses in the cantina in episode lV.
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Sorry to disappoint, but the SDK will be a few months until it's released.

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  • 7 Jun '19

honestly just give me lighstabers

plz no sue lucasarts