Evening Star Dueling Tips? (Or just dueling tips in general)

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I'm trying to pick up the evening star as my main dueling weapon but i'm having a rough time with it. I'm still able to pub stomp duel servers but struggle a lot more with more skilled players compared to when I used the longsword.

Any advice on how to handle this weapon? Is the alt grip worth using?

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  • 6 Jun '19

I think it's less about getting better with the ES, and more about what you mentioned;
"struggle a lot more with skilled players."
Focus on what they're doing that's beating you so badly, and try to emulate/counter it.

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I know my defense is trash because I was part of the "no feinting" mentality scrub group in Chivalry and it's biting me in the ass in Mordhau.

My main issue is landing my swings since my accel'd slashes are easily blocked compared to longsword due to its speed, guess I gotta focus more on feints/drags. I'm liking the stab on the evening star though, the range is surprisingly long and it does pretty decent damage.

On another note, does anyone know any good NA duel servers where I can get my ass kicked? I don't feel like I'm improving just pubstomping normal duel servers.

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  • 6 Jun '19

Try to chamber everything if you don't want to get feinted, and try utilizing accels, especially chamber accels with the eveningstar. That alone can win you many fights. If you can master or become proficient and in chamber-accels and chamber-drags with the eveningstar, most players, even good ones, will have a run for their money. - level 44 eveningstar/morgenstern user and hussite cosplayer.

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Thanks for the tip! I've been doing chamber accels/drags but I guess I telegraph it too much because people always see it coming. I'll work on that.

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if someone is parrying your chambers, try a chamber -> feint -> accel

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Yeah feinting and dealing with feints is definitely a huge weakness of mine. I'll try to incorporate into my game plan.

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  • 6 Jun '19

I main the eveningstar. I get a lot of kills by morphing my stab into an overhead swing and vice versa. That will catch them off guard and I can land a solid headshot. I also do and overhead strike into crouch so that will speed it up