Archery Suggestion

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  • 4 Jun '19

A lot of people think archers are weak/useless, but I think they are decent once you get your aim and timing down. Archery should and does require skilled shots that are often quite hard to make but very rewarding once you do. I think that a damage buff might make them too powerful and would just be understandably infuriating to melee fighters.

One thing I think that makes archery feel weak is that you can shoot someone multiple times, landing skilled shots that really aren't that easy in the first place, and then that player just gets healed from killing your team mates.

What I suggest is creating a threshold that allows players to only be able to accumulate a certain amount of arrows to where they drop dead regardless of their overall health. This would work in tandem with the regular health bar and would only affect players who are getting healed from kills. For example: you land 3 shots on a player, his health is low, he kills a team mate or two giving him a significant health boost. He should only be able to take X amount more arrows where he dies regardless of his overall health, unless of course he uses bandages or medkit.

I think this should at the very least be applied to people with bloodlust (they can run for cover) and horseback riders. I've shot someone who was on horseback repeatedly, probably over 6 times, to no avail bc they keep getting kills from their lancing charges. These aren't easy shots to make because you're hitting a fast moving target.

I'm sure there is a better idea or a better way to formulate my suggestion, but I thought this idea might be a good starting point.

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  • 4 Jun '19

Actually a decent idea, maybe arrows could disabled health regen completely? That way they are a great support weapon, but also not OP. It would also maybe make more people use MedKits? Decent idea

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  • 4 Jun '19

You can look down and pull the arrow out of yourself which is cool.
Could just make it so you can't regen, or regen is slower with an arrow in you, until you pull it out.

Anyone remember Far cry 2 heal animations?

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Archers are in a good place atm, I don't think adding something like this to archery would be healthy for the game. Landing a hit on someone before they engage your team is big, regardless of whether or not they have bloodlust. Letting archers punish someone even though they score kills at a disadvantage doesn't sound good to me. If anything, health on kill should steer archers to try and pick off t0 helmet guys or enemy archers, which is way better than shooting at enemies actively fighting your team.