More Player Banner Options

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It's been slightly over one month, and I just remembered this Change Banner button is a thing tucked away in the Player Menu.
The options are... pretty drab. I know the Backers got some really fancy ones, but us lowly Retail Serfs don't have much to work with. In fact, most of them are outright lame. The same thing tiled over four times?
And that Chain2, it is so light that it makes the player name blend into it, hard to read at a glance. It needs some contrast, some pop... Like this:
But that's not the point of this... yet. The Player Banner has the potential for a lot of customization.

To draw a comparison, the decade old Modern Warfare 2 has a more robust "banner" system to give each player their own unique calling card, and their customization was layered into multiple parts.
There are the Title Cards (equivalent to Mordhau's Player Banner)
The Card Emblem (little extra side graphic)
And some accompanying text over the card. The first two of these are the point of interest.

Besides "I want to see more Banners", I would also like to see a literal extra layer to the Player Banner customization options.
Specifically, both:

  • Banner Background - The Banners as they are, behind everything.
  • Banner Icon - Another transparent graphic laid on top of that Banner Background.

It appears that each of Mordhau's Banners are 512x128 pixels, including the 3 pixel wide border around it. With just a few minutes in Photoshop, I'll take that edited chain2 up above and add something on top of it (angled just right so it isn't concealed by the Level diamond on the right of the Banner)...
Claymore cropped right out of the Loadout Menu, pasted on top...
Now everyone you kill knows you're probably a Claymore Main. Maybe another one.
Why not just one fleur-de-lis next to a cartoon depiction of a Bear Trap? Just super quick mock-up examples. You could even use the list of armor Emblems as a start for the Banner Icons, stick your favorite on top of the Banner.

Currently, the fifteen Banners (not including the Backer banners) are unlocked with Player Level. A quaint reward for Progression.
Could do more with that - enough Banners to unlock one at every level or two.
And then Icons unlocked based on performance. Back to MW2, many of those Cards and Icons were unlocked through reaching certain milestones or completing Achievements. Simplest example: Get 1000 Kills with Weapon, get a copper plated Icon. 5000 kills, silver. 10000 Kills, now it's gold. That kind of thing can translate right on over to Mordhau and its arsenal of pointy sticks, quirky ways to kill, objectives to conquer, total kilometers riding a horse, actually got a pommel kill, etc.

A long list of Icons and Banners, from silly ones to serious ones. Plain and bold or stylish and extravagant. Those FPSes love to slip in some 420blazeit reefer references, but who needs weed when the peasants have wheat?

TL;DR Please introduce a lot more Banners, and add an extra layer on top of it to exponentially increase the unique presentations behind each player's name. Don't leave the Player Banners as a seemingly throwaway feature.

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  • 4 Jun

I'd love to see more options as well.

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The night banner was kinda lame