Simple Suggestions

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  • 3 Jun '19

Here are a few simple suggestions from a big fan of the game.

Please keep the score board up after a match ends
at the moment, i enjoy killing people after the match ends but then i don't get to see how great my score is or who else got a great score so that I know who to look out for or beat next map.
maybe both the score board and the gold and xp bars can be up at the same time.
my friends and I don't care about gold an xp but we do care about the score board.

on the topic of the score board theres no way to scroll down on 64 player maps and the like?
there is a scroll bar but it doesn't work?

Can we add the ability to bring up the score or change character on the spawn select screen?
maybe you can hit escape to go back but i haven't tried.

Can we que up our spawn? i hate waiting that 7 seconds or so to spawn, i am clicking like a mad man.
please let me click, spawn as soon as available
othertimes i enjoy watching the carnage and forget to spawn...

I had other ideas but forgot them, ill post them later.

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  • 4 Jun '19

Here's an idea. Patch the game.