Frontline Spawn balance?

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  • 2 Jun '19

So far I only see two problems with frontline:

1- Balance
-I feel like spawns are not well adjusted ,and the red team is closer than blue on most cases to the next objective (not always ofcourse)
-Also, on CAMP, the blue ballista is behind the spawn so it's barely used, and when used, it's used by the enemy team.
You can destroy it, but you know.. why not move it at the edge of the wall or something to actually not defeat the purpose of having one?
And on GRAD on the other hand, the ballista has direct sight in the stable point, not too op or something, but at least it's not useless.

2: General Team management
Coordinating a team is pretty difficult because:
-You need to have a squad defending your point, and another squad attacking the next one, so that your team doesn't lose because of the enemy capturing faster, basically it makes it very hard to do unless you got a clan or something.

I don't really think there is much of a fix for this, so yeah, it's more of how the gamemode simply is.
the "SIEGE" gamemode, which I hope it's literally Team Objective from Chivalry, would solve this. The objective is simple, you only need to focus on one task at hand and can be played with a lot of players easily.

Also, what I have observed is that 10v10 on Frontline works a lot better than 32v32, due to better team management in general and it feels a lot more competitive and less of a one sided fight. (I had matches that turned tides while we were at 450-150 and lost for example)

-Snowballing and bad spawn time. You have two teams fight each other in a large group, a massive badass battle. One loses, then the rest of the team spawns one by one, fights the group of the enemy team and die, one by one, therefore the enemy team having the number advantage in every confrontation since people don't spawn together and attack together. (like Verdun, Tannenberg, use wave spawning). People don't really pay attention to how many friendlies they have near each other while engaging, so they just die 10v3 or so repeatedly because they just spawn at different intervals.

Anyway, just my two cents on the matter, if you agree or not, please leave your thoughts bellow, fellow kniggas

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  • 18 Jul '19

If the ballistas weren't stopped by twigs, it would be much more useful.