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Cheater? Exploit? Bug? [Not sure where to put this]

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  • 30 May '19

Video says it all really, but just an outline from the video description I made... - Steam Profile of the player in question.

Encountered this guy on an Official Death Match server throwing spears without any animations, excessively blocking with a shield (as expected), and even stabbing with the spear faster than intended (Or maybe it's supposed to? I don't think it is personally.)

Dude was also going around and being blatantly racist by trying to portray a KKK member going "We don't accept fags in the KKK." Which leads me to believe this guy is cheating.

Character Quality is on High.
He was seen doing it multiple times over and over. Both in situations which seemed like "Okay yeah, he could of got a throw off." and other times where it is so blatantly not possible for it to happen.
I've sunk about 300+ hours in the game and haven't seen anything like this yet so leads me to believe this isn't intended (and if it is, fix it cause god damn this is stupid to see and deal with.)

Mercenary 6 39
  • 30 May '19


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  • 30 May '19

I looked at the comments on his profile, god that place is a mess. It seems like there is definitely something up.

Count 57 64
  • 30 May '19
 Knight of Rosen

Yeah there is absolutely something going on there, whether it's an exploit or a cheat I don't know. But judging by that guy's name, he does know lmao.

Knight 7768 14327
  • 30 May '19

It's definitely either a hack or an exploit, though if it's an exploit I have no idea how he's doing it.

Knight 685 1855
  • 30 May '19

Isn't it just the same exploit as the dude who deleted some animation to parry without recovery?

He may have deleted the throw animation from his client.

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  • 31 May '19

Yeah it's pretty fucked.