Darkfall online

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Make a Darkfall Mordhau mod

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  • 1 Jun

Yes with Tasos as character, maybe thief class. ;)

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  • 1 Jun

@Peacerer said:

How dare you speak that blasphemous name

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  • 1 Jun

New Dawn is dead too
Thinking about trying Rise of Agon but last I heard they are hosted in Burgerland and the ping would make it atrocious

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  • 5 Jun

Brings back the memories.
I think the next Darkfall-ish game we will see is New World. Hopefully they have learnt some lessons from DF.

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best mmo ever made. Unfortunately also the worst company behind it.

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  • 8 Jun

It was a fun game but idk about best mmo (and it landed me a job which is pretty cool). I think EVE is a better game and personally I had more fun over the years playing L2 competitively. It is a pretty sick game though with as you say, a joke of a dev team.

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Mortal Online best MMO hands down. Heavily flawed game and incompetent devs killed it, but man there was just nothing like it. I'd kill for a modern Mortal Online-ish experience. Never touched a Themepark MMO again after playing MO.

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Man i always wanted give these kind of games a try but they are always suscription based, and that's a big no for my South American ass.