Few Players are Using the Peasant Perk it Needs a Fucking Buff

17 21
  • 30 May

All I ever see is a dedicated few using pans or caveman clubs. There are tons of other peasant weapons. I feel like they need a abuff so more people will use them.

They don't do very much damage, and the perk costs 8 points. I propose that the perk cost be lowered to 0 and the club needs to be buffed to one shot heads.

Mercenary 2185 3899

Uhm.. Do you know the meaning of word "Peasant" truly ?

Knight 460 891
  • 30 May

Peasant is the joke class, it's weak on purpose. It's like an intentional handicap for people who want to crank up their difficulty but add some flavour to their underpowered playstyle. It's pretty much made for styling on edgelords.

45 25
  • 30 May


If this isn't bait you have a serious misconception of the point of the "perk".

Knight 7590 13879
  • 30 May

"We need to buff the joke perk"


777 1029

It's purpose is to be shit so you can humiliate nubs with a rake

210 197
  • 30 May

Agreed!!!!!! Buff peasants!!!!!! Give them 3-3-3 armour!!!!

16 70
  • 30 May

Only "buff" I desire is more of the Peasant weapons being throwable. I want a chucked pitchfork sticking out of a knight's head because the lowly farmboy was too afraid to fight with it up close.