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Game hard crashes my computer when loading into a match

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  • 26 May '19

I just got the game a few days ago and was playing fine without issues until last night. Now, the game crashes and locks up my computer every time I join a game. Sometimes it only gets to the loading screen, other times I'm able to select my team and then it crashes.

Computer specs:
i5 4590
GTX 980
16 GB DDR3 ram

Things I've tried so far:
Verifying game cache
Reinstalling the game
Updating graphic drivers
Lowering in-game settings and locking fps to 60
Disabling Audio devices

The only thing that has changed about my computer setup is that I got a new microphone (Shure SM58), but I played fine for a couple hours last night before the issue started, and disabling the mic did nothing, so I don't think it's the cause.

Any advice? I'm already past the in-game time refund window, and I'd really like to play the game, so this is a bit of a bummer.


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  • 26 May '19

Can you play bot games?

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  • 26 May '19

Hadn't tried it, but yes I was able to play a bot game just now.

EDIT: Still doesn't work online. I turned my firewall off but no luck there. I'm not sure what else I can try at this point.

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  • 27 May '19

Somehow fixed the issue. I reseated my GPU and that solved it. Not sure how, but it did. ¯_(ツ)_/¯