Award more points to builder/engineer?

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I am a hardcore engineer, have been since TF classic came out way back. I love building stuff on Mordhau, it is a great feature devs! But......... It is near impossible to get decent points, or land anywhere in the middle of the scoreboard building awesome stuff. Even if you really turn the tide of battle. My proposal: Maybe make building more rewarding somehow.

Spikes give no points when killing horses, bug?

  • Reward horse kills to spike builder

Mounted crossbow give no points to builder when own team uses it effectively. (I only build it for my team!)

  • Reward crossbow builder point on hit when used by friendlies. Give the builder 20-50% plz.

The spiked ramp is hard AF to hit with the short hammer!

  • Make ramp easier to hit.

Some buildable flag defenses are outside of the capture point, hard to score points when building defense at game start!

  • Make the fixed defenses accessible from within the capture point, even if it is just 1 corner.

Walls are MEH.

  • Reward wooden wall builder for (arrow?) damage blocked when friendly in range

Friendlies hate the spikes, as they are hard to walk over, even when broken and flat. Sometimes it triggers ragdoll falling.

  • Flat and broken spikes should have no step. No ragdoll falling on spikes!

Also cool ideas :)

  • Upgrade buildings like Team Fortress:
    • crossbow upgrades: better protection, turning range, speed, an extra bolt or flatter trajectory.
    • spike upgrade: start with simple caltrops all the way to metal points. Which are 2 material expensive but very damaging, and more fire resistant?
    • Wall upgrade: add 5 arrows to grab, wider slit, double wide, spike in front, side protection, wheels... unicorn rainbows... I don't know

Also ladders.... Ever seen a medieval siege without ladders?

  • Ladders. We need ladders, big clunky, ugly, slow ladders that can be pushed back but would make a fun little strategy changer. Build it on the ground and pick it up to use. Even the existing ladders can be removed, so they must be built for extra routes....
    Will settle for grappling hook or ropes

What do we need to counter this engineering madness? Fire arrows...yeah baby.

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Give engineers the ability to do more please, make it so we can "fortify points but that may require an entire map rework to be honest.

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  • 27 May

What are your thoughts on the recent ammo buff and ballista turtles?

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One other thing I'd like to see is the ability to damage enemy structures using the Blacksmithing Hammer / Wooden Mallet - it feels very annoying to have to rely on your team or kicking to effectively get rid of them if you forego an actual weapon for something like a third utility item.

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I've spent nearly 1,000 hours in this game not once using the toolbox seriously, and now that I've made a dedicated engineer class, I've had some of the most fun yet. I'd love to see the available builds to the toolbox expanded. I was thinking it'd be really neat if there were group based builds - like larger walls that require multiple engineers to build.