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What do i need to do when i fight with enemy, and we just block/counter attack/morph everything what can i do in this situation?

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  • 22 May

play more gooder

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oh thank you, thats gonna be help

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  • 22 May

learn feint, drags, accels ?

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  • 22 May

Learn to chamber morph. Also as said before, feinting and drags will disrupt the timing of monotonous back and forth combat. Also kicks.

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  • 23 May

Learn to use the various fighting mechanics in the game. Shields are a good choice as they make it harder to get dragged or feinted etc., but watch out for kicks if you do choose to use shields.

I recommend learning different skills one at a time, so that you can focus your attention to it. Once you learn a few skills, you'll be able to use them all in a fight. One of the best skills you can learn, though it's quite hard, is chamber-morphing or chamber-feinting. Using those will almost always trip up your opponent, and will even work much of the time against better players. Though I recommend starting out with chambering stabs, and then feinting/morphing.

But yeah, best thing to do is to learn each mechanic thoroughly, then, once you have learned them all, put them to use. Oh, and to counter stuff like feints and morphs, pay attention to if their weapon is coming towards you yet in a clear swing or stab, then parry. It takes a while to get used to, and you'll get tricked sometimes, but avoiding getting baited just comes with gameplay. Not really a skill you can learn by focusing on it. Just try not to panic.