Spawn blocking needs to be fixed

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  • 22 May '19

If I can wish for only one change, this is it. To me this is the most game breaking issue in Frontlines atm.

Spawn blocking with constructions by a (friendly) engineer needs to be fixed.

Especially red castle spawn on Mountain Peak and blue castle spawn on Grad.

It usually means at least one lost objective and a severe disadvantage for the affected team.
It's not fun for either side and instantly ruins most games.
I don't see any reason why building in those areas should be allowed.

Just yestday I saw it happen twice.
For me that's an instant server switch no matter which side is affected. Banning the perpetrator is no solution as the match is most likely ruined and often it's not even clear who did it.

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  • 22 May '19

I don't play frontline anymore for that reason.