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Please address the bans

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  • 22 May '19

@J.A.R.R.E.L.L.O said:
I also had issues with EAC in dragon ball xenoverse 2, it would kick me out of the game citing that my midi synthesizer software and my philips hue software were causing issues. I hope this is the reason for my ban at least.

I also have HUE Software

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  • 22 May '19

So if I understand correctly, devs don't give a fuck about us and gonna from time to time ban random ppl. Imagine creating good game and then fuck up by banning like 2k ppl for no reason so everyone hates you XD.

But serious now, give us, at least response "someone is doing something" or "fuck you guys you suck free money lol". At this point I don't even know if someone gonna help me... There's nothing wrong in doing mistakes, It's bad to not fix them.

Knight 941 2569
  • 1
  • 22 May '19

Be me
Wait for this game since 2015
Donate to kickstarter
Play alpha through all the broken patches
Wait through all the radio silence and over 1 year delay
Never cheat
Get banned 3 weeks after release for no reason

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  • 22 May '19

1077 of 2000 was banned for no reason... Nice job👍👌

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  • 22 May '19
 crushed — Art

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