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Character keeps spinning uncontrollably.

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  • 19 May '19

This started absolutely randomly. So what I am experiencing is when I am in game my character will continuously spin counter-clockwise and upwards. At first I thought my mouse was bugging out, but then when I tabbed out there was no issue with using it on the pc or any other game. Going back to Mordhau, I tried a different mouse, same issue. I even unplugged my mouse and tabbed out to my other monitor to where there should be 0 inputs going to the Mordhau window, and it keeps spinning.
I then resorted to closing the game a few times, restarting my computer, resetting all the controls to default AND I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Still spinning.

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  • 19 May '19

I have had this in games where a controller/joystick is also plugged in. Unplug any unused devices.

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  • 19 May '19

unplug your xbox controller lol

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  • 2 Jun '19

This just happened to me but only for less than half a second. Really disorienting. My PC is practically barebones, literally no unnecessary usb/bluetooth/whatever connected.