LuteBot MIDI File Share and Resources

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  • 18 May '19

Hello all!

I am creating this thread to serve a few purposes.

  • To share my collection of MIDI files

  • To create a space for others to do the same

  • To create a place to share LuteBot resources and tips

Here is a link to a google drive containing my MIDI collection. UPDATED 06/01/2019

I made my edits with the intention of sharing with the community, all I ask is that you give credit when needed.

If you would like your edits added to the collection or you have MIDI files to share please reach out to me.

LuteBot & Midi Editor Downloads

LuteBot 2.0

MIDI Editor

Anvil Studio


LuteBot Resources

How to Edit Midi Files - CharlieTheFrog

How to Play Like a Pro - BasildoomHD

MIDI Libraries & Places To Get Songs

OneBananaTooFar's LuteBot MIDI File Share

Plasmus642's Some LuteBot songs I've made/edited to work better with LuteBot

BHLawrence12's Popular Songs Turned Into MIDI Files For LuteBot

Lazevedo's's I too have some MIDI songs I've edited to work better with LuteBot

MIDI Melodies



MIDI World

Supreme MIDI (Thanks TooManyCooks)

Video Game Music Archive


The Largest MIDI Collection on the Internet

SzabolsMidi - A very large collection of great tunes

If you have any questions about LuteBot or MIDI Editor please feel free to message me on discord Sig#3800

UPDATE 05/31/2019

Recently I have joined a guild of bards on discord. Here is a link to our server:

Together, we are working to create a community where bards can:

  • Hangout, have fun, and enjoy all that being a bard has to offer

  • Get help and ask questions about LuteBot and editing midis

  • Access the one of the largest collections of edited midis available (This includes my midis as well as many other great edits from various guild members)

  • Access a very long list of LuteBot related resources and MIDI libraries

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  • 1 Jun '19

Thanks so much for these! Great resources and editing, glad these are being shared.

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  • 2 Jun '19

This looks awesome dude, thanks for sharing! Would it be possible to make a request? It'd be cool to get some Halo stuff on the lute. (I was thinking Halo 2's Peril or 'Mjolnir Mix'.) Thanks again for the great work!