Future New Weapons

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  • 30 Jul '19

@NoYou said:

^ This... i can't stand using the targe for my viking loadout... 1: its too small and, yeah, 2: it can't hold-block... pretty much a waste of points all around as a 1H+empty hand can do what the targe can do.

maybe do something about the blunt weapon insta-stab fuckery that seems to be going faster than even the rapier's stabs.

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  • 30 Jul '19

i hope the new castle map has Machicolations

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  • 30 Jul '19

We are so out of ideas we have reach this point lmao


Better close the topic or have actual suggestions plz.

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Mate can we have a cat-o'-nine tails please, like have it do crazy damage against poorly armoured people and do jack shite to armoured ones? Idk whatever

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saber wen

We have almost every type of sword at this point but the most widely used sword in history is missing :(

It could be like an inverse rapier, good slashing but poor stabbing or something.

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What I would really like to see:

  1. Gisarme - Like most polearms the guisarme was developed by peasants by combining hand tools with long poles: in this case by putting a pruning hook onto a spear shaft. According to Sir Guy Francis Laking, among the polearms, the guisarme was second only to the spear in importance for the medieval soldier class. In fact, it was so effective by the 13th century there was active support for its banishment from the battlefield.

  2. Glaive

  3. Military Fork

  4. War Scythe