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Can't fully customize Chainmail Coat [edit: and Brigandine Arms]

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  • 17 May '19
  1. Chainmail coat is not fully affected by metal tint. Rivets and buckles can be changed, but not the chainmail itself.
    chainmail coat metal tint.png
  2. Changing leather's color doesn't color coat's back(probably feature, if so - it's really a bad one).
    chainmail coat leather color.png

edit: i have changed thread's title, it's not only Chainmail Coat now

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  • 20 May '19

So, there is the same problem with Brigandine Arms. As you can see compared to Chainmail Hosen, metal tint doesn't changing color of chainmail for this cosmetic too.
brigandine arms metal tint.png

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  • 3 Jun '19

Having this issue as well, hope it gets fixed.

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  • 30 Aug '19

Same bug again. Every "Veteran Cuffs". Every "Veteran Gorget".
chainmail color.png
chainmail color 2.png
chainmail color 3.png
chainmail color 4.png
chainmail color 5.png
chainmail color 6.png

Knight 2307 4188
  • 31 Aug '19

I really don't understand why the chainmail coat doesn't have mail on the back to begin with. Looks stupid.