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Inconsistent FPS drop on CAMP map, especially on the Red side.

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  • 17 May '19

The game runs smoothly on other maps minus the occasional hipcup, but everytime I'm in Frontline on Camp my framerate stutters, sometimes terribly.

Does this happen for others particularly on Camp?

If I can run the game smoothly at all other times, it makes me think something isn't optimized well for that map.

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  • 17 May '19

I have had similiar issues on all maps, though camp runs worst. Sometimes i cannot get over 50fps (cpu and gpu usage around 50%) and my frametimes are terrible.

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  • 17 May '19

Yes it does, I dont play frontline for this reason. Camp has some serious fps issues

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  • 17 May '19

Just as an aside, make sure you've disabled cloth in video settings along with lowering ragdoll count in game.