Please fix the kicking system or release dedicated duel servers.

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  • 17 May '19

K so this is a major issue. people are RDMing in duelling servers and then when they get kicked they leave, change their steam name, and just rejoin. This is a major problem and is beginning to ruin many of the duelling servers. PLEASE Devs can you do something about this. I'm at 150 hours and have no intention of quitting playing, other than this problem. It's literally ruining the fun for regular servers duellist visit on the reg.

I know you guys just implemented a few changes to the kick system but i needs a major overhaul.. Perhaps implement a button in game that starts a duel and if someone kills a player in a duel they get auto-kicked?

will comp ranked duel servers fix this issues? if so, how long do we need to wait to get away from the hordes of racist RDMing trolls? Is there anything we can do? Kicking them absolutely does not work since they can just leave and come back, STILL.

I know this isn't technically a bug or glitch but it's a major flaw in my opinion that ruins many peoples experiences with the game.

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  • 17 May '19

Does a votekick temporarily ban players based on their Steam name? Even an IP address isn't good enough, as people can just cycle through the servers on a VPN. It should be based on their Steam ID.