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Are the devs actually going to acknowledge the fact that people have to play this game on 100ms?

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  • 28 May '19

@Gambit said:

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@Reapy said:
I've noticed that when frontline servers in NA fill up to 64, my ping jumps up from about 65ish to around 90 to 100 which makes the game harder to play. You really can't react to feints, and actually a lot of times I accidentally blocked morphs due to the latency. The more I duel on fluff's nyc 120 tick server the more I need to click last second to parry and it hurts going from that to 100 in frontline.

What I've been doing is trying the match maker to see if I can luck out having 50 ping frontlines, if not then I go to the server browser and look for the lower player capped NA east (which is closer to me) community servers and can have some good games there.

If the ping is a combo of other things I have a feeling servers are lagging under 64 players and some of the heavier maps like grad to cause the higher ping. Same servers I usually have the ping I'd expect until the player count rises and I'm back to 100.

That's exactly why I'm pissed about it. This happens to me regardless of server location, population and game mode.

My ping is fine in the EU connecting to servers a few hundred km from me. Where exactly are you located? Look through the server browser and try find a server in your region that is as close as possible and has 0 players, see if it makes a difference. My ping generally sits around 35, then gets higher or spikes randomly if the server is reaching capacity.

Lowest I can get is around 50 in the browser, get in game and it's at least 80 and spiking to 100.

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  • 28 May '19

My ping is fine on private servers, it is only in the public/frontline servers my ping exceeds 100. It is playable, but something is not right. Had this issue since release, and only on this game.

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  • 28 May '19

I don't know what they are called, but certain game modes seem to require "heavier" packets being exchanged between your client and server (or the rate at which they are sent is increased), which in turn increases latency when you are in the game (as opposed to just pinging the server from the browser).

Like in Chivalry, I'd get 62 fps and 32 ms ping in Stonehill FFA, but in Stonehill TO it would be 50 ms or even higher in Citadel (with the same framerate).

Not sure if this is the case or how well it could be improved.