Random stutters (and fix)

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  • 16 May '19

I have random annoying stutters for 0.1sec every 5-30sec. Don't know why, but GPU and CPU load only 40-70% (xeon e3-1230v3 & 1070Ti)
I put all settings to LOW (ragdoll to 0). Very soon i've found that Characters Cloth setting is a cause that. So you should keep it OFF at all. Problem solved.
Dev's, please fix that. I think stutters appears when someone with cloth was respawned at base. Pls check that. This time for buttery-smooth game we must keep Cloth to OFF. All other settings working good, no stutters with all Ultra.
One more perfomance issue: when you die with 3d person view or change view with P button - stutters also can be visible. Don't know why, cloth already OFF. Other reason.

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  • 20 May '19

this never happened to me ever (game ran smooth at max settings apart from AO) and i had messed around with my nvidia settings then defaulted them when issues came up in mordhau and even updated my nvidia drivers restarted then prayed to jesus then sacrificed a goat but its so bad and stuttery now. you get these issues with STALKER ANOMALY mod cause of squad spawning but this is completely new and the most annoying part is that the stutters get worse when people are attacking you