Too Many Horses on Camp and Grad

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  • 16 May

This maybe isn't a new topic or debate, but it's honestly becoming an issue in enjoyment of Frontline and largely my biggest concern with it is on Camp & Grad.

So currently there is 3 horses on both these maps. One at spawns, and one in center. This honestly throws balance way out of wack as one side gains a huge advantage if they control 2 horses. They can basically continuously run down spawns and it's just not a good thing.

Then to add to that, often one side ends up in control of all 3 and it turns into an absolute nightmare for the other team.

So my honest suggestion, is just to remove the middle spawning horse on these maps. I don't think much of the player base is fond of cavalry and it honestly just throws balance out of wack as horses are insanely strong at the moment.

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Too many ballistas, and catapults.

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  • 16 May

too many players period, should be 48