More options for server administration

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  • 16 May

It'd be nice to have more options for server admins.
A couple examples that most other games with dedicated servers have.

  1. Some type of rule list or at least ability to configure rotating messages. This would be nice for servers that have custom rules like roleplaying or no camping, etc
  2. Remote Console (RCON) this is nice for kicking/banning people without having to load up the game to join the server and kick someone

Further down the road it'd be nice to support modded servers, but I understand that would be a great deal of work and may or may not be on your roadmap.

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  • 16 May

We desperately need RCON. Typically with games like this I'll set a bot to watch the chat and if anyone decides they're cool enough to use certain words they get an automatic day-long ban.

Baron 25 6
  • 16 May

+1 We need Rcon support

Multihomed servers don t appear in server browser. Any ideas ?