Shield seem fine now

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  • 16 May

I kick them and it works. I am sometimes able to get around them. Seems fine.

Anyone disagree still?

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  • 16 May

Fine now that they nerfed the shit out of them for the sake of 2 handed builds, this community is cancer, full hypocrite selfish people.

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  • 16 May

@Botas said:
Fine now that they nerfed the shit out of them for the sake of 2 handed builds, this community is cancer, full hypocrite selfish people.

You're really on a tear huh.

It wasn't "for the sake of 2-handed builds," fighting against a shield user was tedious no matter what weapon you had. And I certainly don't want shield to end up being trash. I want shield to be viable, and specifically viable in a not-boring way. It's possible that this patch actually achieved that; I don't know yet. I've only started using shield after this patch.

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I play and can get side hits against the annoying kind of shield users, which I appreciate.

But using shield I don't feel any of these nerfs what so ever, they do not affect me (meaning they're not big enough.) There NEEDS to be leg hits and shields I think deserve a SLIGHT stamina buff. Dueling Zwei/Halberd I feel like I'm better off leaving heater at home... They should have the advantage but the gap shouldn't be so wide. Afterall they get damage, stamina damage and the reach to prevent me from kiting and letting them kite and bait misses. Shield needs to stay in the fight long enough to use its only advantage, speed, to have a chance.

Also why should I have to put my shield away every time I fight multiple competent players? It always ends the same way: can't back pedal fast enough and one spam stabs while another stabs or kicks. Always have to just hit trade and gamble to avoid the inevitability (though gambling seems to work alot lol.) And if I get stuck in flinch... it's absolute Hell.

Also, shield drop on hit. Can we get the shield to stay up on hit, one guy goes left another goes right, and shield isnt gonna be big enough to block both even in the previous patch. Shield staying up on hit lets me choose which to block (like in patch 14) without worrying about which one will hit first or about a qstaff poke from nowhere(defeats the purpose of using shield). I get hit 4 times in a row from people in front of me and feel helpless as I'm stuck in flinch. I think parry should stay up on flinch too but shields especially since they're bit more locational based now.

Flinched parry/shield is why I trade hit like a caveman instead of trying to block multiple hits before riposting.

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  • 16 May

These changes were definitely a step in the right direction. The shield hitboxes seem more accurate now allowing to actually get hits around them. Abit too early to say though if it was enough.

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Shield bash when? Also reduce stam drain on shield if use parry style instead of hold block?

Add some optional risk or reward mechanics to it