4 things I'd love to see in game

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  • 16 May

Greetings Dev Team. Great friggin' game yo! I love it! <3

  1. A toggle in customization for gear & armor I can't use yet due to level.
  2. A slider for height. I'd love to see the occasional Giant putting fear in people like a brute.
  3. Spartan/Greek helmets and chest pieces,skirts, boots & shield. (Hoplites)
  4. Squads.

Thank you.

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  • 16 May
 The Bird
  1. Yes. Yes. And yes. Would have saved me thousands.
  2. Would be fun, but within limitation. I don't want to see half of the enemy team being 9 footers.
  3. Eh, not medieval. Could be fun if they add an ancient world DLC or something. Until then, leave the ancient armor in the ancient world.
  4. ???