Timeframe on ranked duels

Conscript 76 108
  • 16 May

Like in Chiv (I was The Radiant back in those days), my main focus is on duels. I love Frontline, skirmish and BR modes too, but more "for fun". I completely understand the devs have a ton of concerns to address, though they've been doing well on that line. My question is if there's any sort of time horizon on when we can expect the ranked duel ladder? Obviously nothing concrete, but I'm curious if it's weeks, months or year+, since no information of real note has been given on that.

For now I will continue to duel on private servers, which is very useful to hone my understanding of timings and animations, but I can't wait to compete with real stakes.

Also, small suggestion, when it is implemented, each league (bronze to grandmaster or whatever they're labelled) should have an original icon reward that appears next to your name when in ordinary gamemodes (could be an optional toggle to display). Even better would be cosmetic unlocks per league placement, either at the finish of the season or for reaching a new league peak. (Though clearly this would require a lot more resources to make).