Simple lute improvements

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I dont know if this has been posted yet so if it has im sorry.

First off i want to thank the devs for being awesome and creating such a sick game. I played a lot of chivalry and this game encapsulates the random fun and camaraderie that that game had. In fact, it does it much better. So thanks :)

That being said, i think it would be sweet if the lute could be given at least one octave range higher. Seems like it could be an easy thing to implement and it would make a lot of songs sound so much better.

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Agreed, there is no reason for the octave limit =/

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Maybe the ability to play note bends too, that would make it sound real good. I know this is very low priority im sure, but a man can dream.

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  • 17 May

+1, good idea

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  • 17 May

Do lutes do anything? Maybe i suggest they could do passive buffs. Movement, Health Regen Delay, Stamina reduction, Idk.