Make the lute a real instrument

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  • 15 May '19

This is not really important to the core gameplay but I was trying the lute the other day and was a bit disappointed that you can't actually play it besides it playing random chords and using it as midi player.

Cosidering that no extra key bindings would be added how about adding a special stance that would allow us to use 3 movement keys, sprint and jump to play the 5 pairs/strings of a 5 course lute. The mouse buttons could be used to change the octave up and down and I guess the velocity/volume should be randomized within a certain range.

Not ideal as the controls are kind of inverted compared to how you would play a real lute.

Maybe a guitar player can come up with a better scheme.

Anyway, would love to see some more control and room for creativity being added to lutes.

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  • 15 May '19

I'm also bit disappointed with current lute controls and would love to see some improvements.
Do you guys know that ue4 has official midi device plugin which is rather simple to set up? ;)

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  • 15 May '19
 [BKC] Matt

I think baseline, lute should give something like 5% increased movement speed for any ally within 10 meters. If other instruments are added in the future (which I hope, I want me some dope war drums), this could be re-thought for different instruments.

War drums - While playing the instrument, damage of allies within 10 meters is increased by 5%.
Lute - While playing the instrument, movement speed of allies within 10 meters is increased by 5%.
Shawm - While playing the instrument, allies within 10 meters regenerate 5 HP per second while not in combat.
Bagpipe - While playing the instrument, allies within 10 meters take 5% less damage.

Or, they could all just share one or two buffs to not make it too crazy. Lute & Shawm increasing movement speed, drums and bagpipes increasing damage, for example.

It's important that the buffs don't stack, that way, the most optimal is to have 2-4 lutists per team (one for each instrument), whether they're just spamming the s**t out of the buttons or use lutebot, they'll still actually provide something for the team and the chances are that they'll actually tag along rather than sit back. And it is also important that the numbers aren't too high etc.

Obviously I liked the ideas I saw some people mention so I tried my best to expand on them in one post.

Additionally, I'd add a new perk for musicians in general, so that they feel like they can actually be more useful to their team.

Music of War / Martial Music - 4 points

  • Effects from instruments are 40% stronger and now reach allies within 20 meters.

40% stronger means 5% becomes 7% and 5hp/sec becomes 7hp/sec. Not a massive buff but paired with the larger range, it should definitely help.

Numbers would most likely be tuned but, 'tis just an idea.

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  • 16 May '19

I like the way Rust did guitars, very intuitive, your note is determined by your Y mouse position. Right click for chord, left click for 1 pluck.