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Crackly/stuttery audio

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  • 15 May '19

So I've been noticing this issue across my game time but it seems especially prevalent after the last patch. Basically as the title says, I'm experience weird crackly/stuttery audio, as if my speakers are dying or something. I don't experience this issue anywhere else on my computer, just with Mordhau.

The issue seems to be at its worst in the Frontline gamemode, especially when there are a lot of players on screen at once. The more people on screen, it seems, the worse it is. Interestingly, though, I don't seem to get the issue much, if at all on Horde mode. Not sure what it is about Frontline specifically that makes the game's audio want to die.

Here's a short video where you can see (or rather hear) what I'm experiencing:


Any help would be appreciated!

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  • 15 May '19

I used to have this problem, figure it was a problem with my CPU (FX-6300). Don't have a fix for you, but when I upgraded to my current rig it went away. Would probably be helpful for devs if you listed your full computer specs.

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  • 15 May '19

I have the same audio problem since the last 2 patches accompanied by a massive frame freeze when it happens, as if my pc wanted to die. I already had a constant FPS stuttering issue, since the beginning (in FL maps, Grad being the worse), but now I experience both issues.

Something makes me think it's related to audio and that both problems have the same cause.

AMD FX 8320

Knight 399 873
  • 15 May '19

OP, this post may help you with your issue.

@Monsteri said:
it was a problem with my CPU (FX-6300)

I also had sound related problems in Chivalry with my AMD CPU and occasionally on Mordhau.

I have no idea why, because I know jack shit about computer architecture, but it seems that up to a certain generation, the processor or the audio chipset most common for those processors just dies / faints when it has to play dozens of high depth audio files.

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  • 16 May '19

I have the same issue and it occurs concurrently with visual stutters and frame drops. I can't tell if the frame drops are what's causing the audio to bug out, or vice versa. Either way, it's making the game unplayable on any server with a high player count. The game runs completely fine on smaller servers.

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
CPU: i5 6600K @ 3.50 GHz
GPU: GTX 1070 Ti 8GB

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  • 16 May '19

I changed my sound settings to 7.1 Surround and checked to see if there were any drivers that weren't being used (there weren't) and I noticed a very slight improvement. Still getting the audio stutter, though. It wasn't nearly this bad at launch or at the previous patch. It's only since the latest update that it's been practically every game. Definitely seems to be based on the amount of players present, too. A 20 player game of deathmatch is generally fine, but a 64 man Frontline match sounds like I'm listening through half a broken radio from the 40s.

Worth mentioning that I'm not seeing much/any frame skips or freezes, though. For me the issue seems entirely audio based, framerate seems fairly stable, even on pretty packed servers.