34th Duel Yard | EU and UK Duelling Community | Events and Tourneys

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  • 15 May

Any EU / UK players active in the evening and at weekends here? We have a clan, a discord, and a server – the more the merrier!

We're an old warband crew and have set up a little community called the 34th Duel Yard with a server of the same name - we're putting on a semi-competitive duelling tournament on our community server on Friday night this week.

If you speak good English, are over 16, and are looking for some chill people to practice with PM me!

In the future we’d like to run other events like jousting, big FFA melees, ballista pong, 2/3/4/5, scrims, 12v12 frontlines and more.

We also intend to hold training sessions once a week where you can pair with a partner and learn to chamber better, morph better, faint better, and so on.

I can send you server connection details and set you up with roles in the Discord and Steam Group if you’re interested. Cheers!

PM me on discord here: Whisky#1152

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  • 16 May

Nice idea. I'd be glad to join ;)
I'm looking for duel tournaments and duel training. Not interested by frontline though :p

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  • 16 May

Hey! Sounds good - PM me on discord