Turd Damage

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  • 15 May

Was playing in Horde mode today. I am getting bombarded with Turd damage through a roof

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fun fact shit balls don't actually hurt you physically your health bar is really a sanity meter the more turds you take the closer you get to Japanese pilot

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Then the update is working as intended.

Hiding isn't as easy anymore.

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  • 15 May

yeah they finally buffed turd damage, the long awaited fix for horde mode!


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Thats a stupid fix.

So your playing vs a giant black knight and you only can block his stab without taking dmg . Blocking swings deal dmg...
Fighting vs the real giant you cant block any attacks of him and he will mostly like 1-2 hitting you.
Tell me how to beat them .
Tell me how to beat the enemy archer - crossbows - knifethrowing - firepot throwing mass without camping .
Tell me how to beat the Horde mode when someone just climb a ladder and i mean the ladder at the map camp ( where the curve bow is ) at this point they will start throwing shit .

Just stupid sry.

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  • 15 May

Easy, join a custom horde server with 64 slots. It's a few bots vs a horde of players then.

SDK when?