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Bear Trap can be thrown at enemies to instant kill them

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  • 15 May '19

Pretty cheesy way to kill someone as there is no way to avoid it or block the "projectile", this makes no sense whatsoever as bear traps aren't supposed to be armed until after they are placed onto the ground and then pulled open and locked into place. This should be an animation that is done every time much like how a crossbow is reloaded it takes time to place. Sure in real like you could probably arm a bear trap and hold onto it and try to throw it at someone but realistically you would just kill yourself trying and by no means could a person sprinting away from someone jump while turning 360 degrees mid air to throw the trap backwards and then keep running all without setting the trap off on themselves in the attempt.

Also I feel like hitting the trap with your weapon should set it off too, seems strange to hit a bear trap square on the pressure plate with a hammer and nothing happen.

Knight 627 2068
  • 15 May '19

What? The bear trap cannot be thrown at all, and hitting an armed trap in the centre does indeed disarm it. Sometimes the hitbox is finnicky is all.

Knight 7768 14327
  • 15 May '19

what the fuck are you on about