Please stop asking for nerfs and buffs. Learn to adapt.

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And how are the devs are going to know what needs to be changed if people don't complain or make criticism and ask for buffs/nerfs? did your parents gave you chlorine when you were kids?

Quit being so entitled. The general player base will not be dictating the direction of the game, and for good reason.

A lot of the complaints are made from people that don’t fully understand how the game works.

Look at CS:GO. Wanna know how someone is a noob? If they say “awp is op”.

Thats exactly my point, thx for backing me up here.
If they want to balance a class they should listen to feedback of people which are good at playing this class and understand its meta and not to the people which never ever played that class.

With that in mind listening exclusively to melee only player for balancing the archer class may not have been the best way to balance the archer class. Maybe they should have asked some of the people who are good at playing archer for input instead of only the people who do not like to play archer and hate archer in general and want to see that class as weak as possible.

Its also strange that if you ask anyone of the good archer player in this game then they will all tell you that arrows fly to slow at the moment. But as soon as you ask people who never ever have played archer and also do not like to play as archer, or against archer player, they of course will tell you that archer is fine as is. Because they made sure with their "trusted feedback" in the alpha that they will never have to worry about archers in this game ever.

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How about the devs change what needs to be changed and don't change what doesn't?

big think


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Shields simply need the hitbox to be accurate to the model. Them having a size bigger than that is bull since people can just hold the shield up for as long as they please.

Doesn’t make any sense for apart of the sides or legs to be protected.

Rapiers and Spears— you just need to adapt to them. Stop having the mindset of “everyone is just gonna use 2h swords”, adapt to the variety of weapons that Mordhau has.
Learn to chamber. Stab chambers are easy to pull off.

The problem with rapier and short spear is that they can easily chamber your chamber. To get around that, you have to generally morph your stab into an overhead. But if you're using a 2H, the rapier and spear spamming stab is way faster than that morph.

I'm not really complaining about them, as I don't have an issue with them much anymore, but they do stab maybe a little too fast.

This is not true if you accel the morph. I find sideswings to be the superior accels instead of overheads too.

Even maul can catch rapier if acceled hard enough, admittedly with a little luck in this extreme of a case.

Also you could always like just parry and riposte them. Can't be flinched during a riposte so even if they successfully gamble you, you'll just hit them anyway.

It honestly infuriates me a little how often I have to tell people they don't have to wait for the block animation to end before they can hit back. It is honestly a failure of the tutorial imo that so many people coming out of it don't know something as fundamental as the riposte, though I guess it's possible that 99% of them blew through it for the gold without paying attention.

Basically the only time these weapons become cancer is when paired with a held block shield and thats more of a problem with the shields rather than the weapon

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I Agree completely i got tired of gettign spear spamed by Zulus so i decided to learn to counter them now only once in a wile will i die by one