Is it too early to bring up the conversation of adding early firearms to Mordhau potentially in the future?

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  • 14 May

Now here me out, the two major influences for Mordhau, Chivalry (with Pirates in Deadliest Warrior DLC) and Mount & Blade (with fire and sword which shares the same period with much of Mordhau's content) both saw the appearance of early firearms.

Now many people might say to me "Timur this is a medieval sword fighting game firearms don't fit this period." Well.. You'd largely be wrong. You see at least half of the armor/weapons if not more in Mordhau are actually from the early renaissance (1400s and 1500s). After-all plate armor wasn't as seen in game until the 1400s some even later into the early 1500s, an era where early firearms were found throughout Europe.

6eea3394aa6604c55567dff5fc5368df.jpg This is a historical Angus Mcbride illustration of 1430s Hussites, as you see their infantry who wear armor similar to that seen in Mordhau, are equipped with hand cannons.

The famous Landsknechte which we see the weapons and armor of in game were most prevalent in the 16th century. They were very commonly equipped with Matchlock Muskets as were common in Europe by the end of the 1400s.

1365220557001.jpg In this historical illustration, again by Angus Mcbride, of early 1500s Landsknechte you can see the left mercenary wearing armor that resembles what we would see in Mordhau, carries a Matchlock Musket.

The next logical question is, wouldn't a Musket be over powered? Well in Mount Blade with Fire & Sword multiplayer we see Matchlock Muskets though very lethal, if given a longer reload than Crossbows or Bows are well countered by said ranged weapons, and a sword wielding player can avoid being shot and rush the opponent. Instead a Hand Cannon or Matchlock user in Mordhau could not run havoc alone and would often have to revert to using their weapon as a blunt club by pressing R, or switching to a dagger.

Of course the devs are currently ironing out their game at the moment and not looking to add major content yet, but I think it's important to get this conversation going, and hopefully keep it on people's mind.

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  • 14 May

Been addressed before, it's not coming in for many reasons, some as simple as it being an innately repellent idea to melee players and devs not wanting to voluntarily tackle a balance nightmare.

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Yes it's too early. Balancing archery is difficult enough, adding high-damage hitscan weapons is even worse.

I'm surprised anyone who played chivalry: deadliest warrior thinks of the pirates fondly (beyond the voice commands).

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  • 14 May

@das said:
Been addressed before, it's not coming in for many reasons, some as simple as it being an innately repellent idea to melee players and devs not wanting to voluntarily tackle a balance nightmare.

I think both those statements have pretty good counter arguments. The Balancing would really not be a nightmare at all, it would be surprisingly easy as seen in Chivalry Deadliest Warrior and especially M&T with fire and sword, and I couldn't imagine it being any more repellent to melee players than Bows, Crossbows, Ballistas, and Catapults.

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The problem with guns is either:

1.)they are late guns, with great accuracy, damage and range, in which case the other ranged weapons are pointless and every match turns into a shooting game because who would choose a sword vs a gun

2.)they are early guns, with poor accuracy(and with this, range) but great damage, in which case they'd be weapons which are completely useless at range, and because of the poor accuracy you couldn't even train to become a good gunner, you'd just be an rng slot machine that might oneshot some dude running at you.

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  • 14 May

hell fucking no

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What if it was just a special item? Like catapult, 1 per team, limited ammo, wouldn't be too bad, ( and you know how much I hate projectiles.) See how open minded I am? Instead of just shitting on this guys idea?

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  • 14 May

Guns just honestly don't fit and I think it would throw the balance around too much, especially when there is already the balancing of bows that needs to be addressed.

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  • 14 May

I think there are enough projectiles in the game as it is, as much as I would enjoy firing an imaginary elephant gun

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  • 14 May

Please, no. This is not that game. Mordhau is about melee combat and it does it really well. Let's not ruin it by adding firearms. There are plenty of other FPS games for that.