Looking for Top-Tier Player to teach me

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  • 14 May

Title says all but I am looking for a really good player that is respected in the community to train me so i can improve.

I am willing to pay for your time as well. Serious Inquires only

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it's a game, enjoy it.

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  • 14 May

If you're under 18, male, slightly overweight but not obese and willing to pay with your body you may want to try your luck and contact @GIRUGIRU

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  • 14 May

you could try Stouty but he charges by the hour and you half to compliment his calves

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Just my two cents. If you are a beginner, you don't need a top tier player to learn from them. In school you probably weren't taught reading by Nobel prize winners. I'd bet there are clans around that would sign you up for their training sessions.

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  • 15 May

I can teach you.
Add me to Steam "Armanath94"

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  • 15 May

If you're NA you can add me and join the duel server I admin. I'd be more than happy to give you pointers, and dueling in general is the best way to get better.

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  • 15 May

To pitch in, I'm far from top tier but I clocked about 4k (mostly comp) hours in Chivalry and am picking up mordhau at the moment as I didn't play alpha.

As others have said, it's useful to have the desire to teach yourself some things - however someone showing you good practices never hurts.

If you're EU and wanting to learn with other players my server normally has a mixture of alpha players/chiv vets on it, would be happy to jump in with you for a bit and show you the ropes (for free of course).

My Steam

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  • 16 May

Mate wtf are you doing paying for someone to teach you how to play a video game. Just play, familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and the engine. Watch YouTube videos of pros playing.